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Thermatek® Energy-Absorbing Lanyard

Specially designed for high-heat applications, Thermatek® Energy-Absorbing Lanyards feature a Tuffweld protective cover over the shock-absorber and a Kevlar back-up strap inside the shock-absorbing pouch. Energy Absorbing Lanyards connect the back (dorsal) D-ring of MSA full-body harnesses to a qualified anchorage and anchorage connector.

  • Designed to hold up to heat and for use in the welding industry
  • Tuffweld protective cover that is superior to Nomex
  • Kevlar back-up strap is resistant to charring and burning
  • Thermatek 12 lanyard model arrests a free-fall up to 12 and keep fall arrest forces below OSHA limits

Markets: Contractor, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Industrial, Mining
Applications: Welding, Working at Heights


Weight: 1.508 KG (3.325 LB)

Meets OSHA regulations, ANSI Z359.13, CSA Z259.11-05 E4, EN 354, EN 355