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High-performance protective clothing for emergency services

Formerly Bristol Uniforms, now part of the MSA family

The combined expertise of both Bristol Uniforms and MSA Safety enhance and strengthen its offering to fire and rescue customers and now provides top-to-toe protection to firefighters across the world.


MSA Bristol X4: Complete confidence – superior coverage.

Elevate your safety solution with the next generation of advanced fire protective clothing. Designed with, and for firefighters in Germany, Netherlands and continental Europe, the X4 range is: Durable, comfortable, and long-lasting, with specific design features available to suit your local needs. Learn more about our new firefighter protective clothing, made to go hand-in-hand with all of your MSA gear.


MSA Bristol Fire Protective Clothing

Key Applications

Our world-class design team works with leading fabric and fibre manufactures to create quality garments, using the latest fabric technology.

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MSA Bristol Fire Protective Clothing

Compatible PPE

In addition to the jacket and trouser, a firefighter’s personal protection also depends on the careful selection of head and respiratory protection.

MSA Bristol supplies a range of flash hoods, fire helmets and breathing apparatus which have been carefully selected and tested for compatibility with the other equipment to be used. A special compatibility area within our technical and design department allows firefighters to check the all-round suitability of the complete ensembles being selected for use.

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MSA Bristol Fire Protective Clothing

Featured Fire Service Products

M1 Breathing Apparatus

More than just a breathing apparatus, the M1 SCBA – Safer, smarter, connected. This is a modular system that can be customised to suit the varying and evolving needs of fire and rescue services and can be cleaned without disassembling.

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GALLET F1XF structural firefighting helmets

Developed for firefighters, with firefighters, the GALLET F1XF brings our dedication to safety and innovation to life – from its original design to each upgrade and new accessory.

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GALLET F2XR multifunctional rescue helmets

Designed for the challenges of a shifting climate, it’s the only helmet of its kind. Tested and certified for wildland firefighting, technical rescue, urban search and rescue, climbing, and water rescue

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MSA Bristol Fire Protective Clothing

Further Information and Documentation

Technical Information

Bristol’s firefighter clothing meets all internationally recognised standards including those for Europe (EN), the USA (NFPA) and the Internationally Standards Organisation (ISO). Testing against the relevant standards is carried out by independent laboratories. Tests include flash fire testing on computer monitored gas fired mannequins to check the flame and heat resistance of fire coats and trousers.

MSA Bristol Fire Protective Clothing

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