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The MSA M1 Communication Module is a best-in-class voice communication solution which perfectly integrates into the G1 full face mask. Thanks to an exceptional voice transmission, this module allows users to easily communicate when wearing breathing apparatus.

Part Number

C1 Communication Module for G1 Mask, C1 (3 POL, Unbalanced) With Seal Ring

Length: 95.000 MM (3.740 IN)
Width: 24.000 MM (0.945 IN)
Height: 220.000 MM (8.661 IN)
Weight: 0.100 KG (0.220 LB)
Color: BLACK

C1 (4 POL, balanced) without seal ring

Length: 157.000 MM (6.181 IN)
Width: 124.000 MM (4.882 IN)
Height: 24.000 MM (0.945 IN)
Weight: 0.100 KG (0.220 LB)

C1 ATEX (3POL, unbalanced) with seal ring

Length: 164.000 MM (6.457 IN)
Width: 83.000 MM (3.268 IN)
Height: 30.000 MM (1.181 IN)
Weight: 0.100 KG (0.220 LB)

C1 ATEX (4POL, balanced) with seal ring

Length: 220.000 MM (8.661 IN)
Width: 92.000 MM (3.622 IN)
Height: 23.000 MM (0.906 IN)
Weight: 0.100 KG (0.220 LB)

C1 ATEX (4POL, balanced) without seal ring

Length: 163.000 MM (6.417 IN)
Width: 79.000 MM (3.110 IN)
Height: 28.000 MM (1.102 IN)
Weight: 0.100 KG (0.220 LB)


  • Speech canal through tube inside the face piece guiding the voice to the microphone
  • Elimination of surrounding sounds and breathing noises
  • Excellent reception of incoming messages
  • Easy attachment to the G1 mask
  • Easy interchangeability between users
  • Low cost of ownership

  • No batteries, plug and play operation

  • IP 67 resistant
Markets: Fire Service, Oil & Gas, General Industry
Applications: Firefighting, Search & Rescue, Emergency Response, Confined Space

Approvals subject to change without notice and may differ based on configuration, part number and/or country.
Contact Customer Service or check approval label on product for specific approval information.

EC 60079-0:2017, IEC 60079-11:2011+Cor.:2012
EN136 (as accessory for MSA G1 full face mask)

IP 67



Declaration of Conformity