Delivering the highest Instantaneous Scene Dynamic Range (ISDR) of any Fire Service TIC, the EVOLUTION 5200 Thermal Imaging Camera is built to provide clearer, sharper, more detailed images over the entire temp range — with twice the Low Sensitivity in the critical 320°F to +1000°F (160° to 560°C) range. New Heat Seeker PLUS for greater image detail shading in either High Sense or Low Sense mode. Captures High Sense image quality up to 320°F (160°) — the range that matches the temperature range in 80% of structural fires.

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  • Highest Instantaneous Scene Dynamic Range (ISDR) of any Fire Service TIC
  • Twice the Low Sensitivity in the 320° to +1000°F (160° to 560°C) range
  • Heat Seeker PLUS delivers increased image detail in both High Sense and Low Sense modes
  • 3.5" display for increased multi-user viewing
  • High Sense image quality up to 320°F (160°)
  • Instant On and Instant Mode Switching for time-critical application use
Markets: Fire Service, Oil & Gas
Applications: Firefighting, Search & Rescue

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Water/Dust Ingress: International Standard CEI, IEC 529, IP 67 ClassificationDirect Flame/Heat Exposure: Simulated NFPA 1981 - 2002 Edition, NFPA 1982-1998Vibration: Edition MIL-STD-810E Category 1 Loose CargoRadio Frequency Interference:Transport CE/EN 50081-2:1992, EN 50082-2:1992, FCCRollover (Truck Charger): Part 15 Simulated NFPA 1901-12, 1.7

  • European Approvals