AutoFill for Calibration Gas

Simplify the management of your gas detection program.

When you subscribe to AutoFill, for a single monthly fee, you can prevent unexpected downtime through proactive, automated replenishment of cal gas supply, allowing you more time to focus on what’s important.

Why AutoFill?

Have the right gas ready at your door when you need it for your daily bumps and fleet calibrations.

Spend less time planning and managing inventory.

Avoid unnecessary downtime due to empty and expired cylinders.

If your needs change, MSA+ will be ready to adapt with an all-inclusive and cost-effective program.

How does it work?

  • MSA will guide Grid customers through sign up in under five minutes.
  • The GALAXY® GX2 or ALTAIR® io™ Dock Automated Test System will communicate the need to replace the calibration cylinder.
  • Your connected MSA products tell the Grid when it’s time to order more—just one click and it’s on the way!
  • Within 3-5 days, your new cylinders arrive at your designated site.
  • Billed at a flat rate that scales with your fleet size.
  • Flat rate pricing is applicable regardless of how many types of gases are required to maintain your detector.

What if I'm not a Grid customer?

Not a problem – we can help you get connected to the Grid.

For more information, contact us at

Most MSA cylinders are eligible for AutoFill.


Price Tier Infrequent Moderate Daily
Frequency of Detector Use Bump test 4x/mo.
Calibration 1x/mo.
Bump test 12x/mo.
Calibration 1x/mo.
Bump test 20x/mo.
Calibration 1x/mo.
Monthly Price per Detector €5.90 €12.80 €15.00
  • 12-month subscription term.
  • Billing will be adjusted based on actual cal gas usage across the entire fleet of wearable detectors.
  • Minimum billing amount is 20 detectors.
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